The Story of You

Physics predicts, in its simplest form, that the Universe is made of multi-dimensional vibrations of energy, knows as 'strings'. They vibrate in different modes, like strings on a guitar. The various interaction of these strings produces the fermions (which forms all matter in the Universe), the bosons (which mediate forces between fermions) and the Higgs... Continue Reading →


Big Data: The State and Future of

The total data generated by all of humanity from the dawn of time till the year 2005 has been estimated to be 130 exabytes (it would take 130 million 1 terabyte hard disks to store all that data). As the mycelial arms of the Internet reached more people, this figure skyrocketed, to a staggering 1060... Continue Reading →

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

Our species has been systematically increasing its technological supremacy over the past few millennia. The Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Age of Industrialization and the more recent Space Age were all linear progression compounding on top of each other. We have made more technological progress in the past fifty years than the past five... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Invention

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" - Ludwig Wittgenstein In the 200,000 years of our existence, a lot has changed for humanity. We rose from our humble arboreal existence to become the terraforming overlords of the Earth. Humans are far from the fastest, strongest or the most durable denizens of the... Continue Reading →

Religion without Gods

The question, ‘Are you religious?’, is met with one of two responses. One camp answers “Yes”, which entails an affinity towards a particular ‘religion’ and an unshakable faith in the beliefs and practices passed down through their respective Gods’. The other camp, comprising of your everyday sceptic and atheist, replies with a “No” followed by... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of Happiness

”Paradise is not a place; it is a state of consciousness” -Sri Chinmoy Happiness, people have devoted entire lifetimes in search of it. It has evaded most, but the fortunate few. Fear, anger, melancholy and every other emotion catalogued in our vocabulary can grip you in an instant and last for a life time. Happiness... Continue Reading →

Spirituality in Creativity

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” - Ludwig van Beethoven There is an ancient doctrine which states that there are four fundamental human needs: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is said that only a when a human satisfies... Continue Reading →

The illusion of money

For the fortunate few in possession of it, money is a mystic halo with the ability to propel them througha life. However, for a vast majority, it looms over their neck like an unholy noose, crushing spirit and hope. The shackles of money bind us to displeasure of work and hinders our urgency to pursue... Continue Reading →

The travellers itch

The travellers itch is an inherent human facet that beckons us towards the unknown, towards the unexplored. Travelling amidst good company, across the ends of the earth can dispel the veil of banality cast upon our lives. The ability to write our own stories through travel fills us with unbound joy and reverence. The magic... Continue Reading →

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